Competitive Safaris involve specially modified 4x4 vehicles tackling a specially laid out course at high speed. There are classes for a wide variety of vehicles from Standard Production Class through to purpose built specials with a variety of engine sizes.

Each vehicle must complete a prescribed number of runs over the course during the day with the fastest cumulative time revealing the winner.

All vehicles must comply with the Technical Regulations with safety features such as roll cages, harnesses and crash helmets mandatory.

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Safari/safari Lite Supplementary Regulations 2018

The AWDC 2018 Safari Championship is organised by the AWDC in accordance with the general championship description of the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and these championship regulations. The Championship will consist of eight Competitive Safaris of Clubman status, the best 7 results of each competitor to count.

Supplementary Regulations for each event can be accessed by the entry in the Event Calendar

Safari & Safari Lite Classes 2018 Updated 03/01/2018 V G Palmer

Classes on the day may be amalgamated if there are less than three entrants, however championship points will be awarded for all classes.


Safari/Safari Lite Technical Regulations Updates in progress 03/03/2018 V G Palmer


All vehicles competing must comply with the MSA Technical Regulations for off road vehicles Section (P) Competitors Safety (K) Competitors Vehicles (J) and the Technical Regulations of the All Wheel Drive Club. MSA Technical Regulations (J)5.20.6 and (taxed as private car) do not apply. Each vehicle must have a scrutineering log book. These will be available at to scrutineering. All vehicles must be presented for scrutineering in a clean condition.


Safari/Safari Lite Penalties 2018

The Stewards of the Meeting are empowered to apply additional penalties to any competitor adjudged guilty of infringements to the regulations. The Clerk of the Course may also apply certain penalisations. Although these penalties are specifically draughted for Competitive Safaris, similar penalisations apply to other types of competition. Refer to MSA Yearbook for full details.