Safari/Safari Lite Awards 2018

Safari Points System 100 points for event winner reducing to 99 for second etc. Completed runs required to be classified as a finisher are 75% – rounded up if there are an uneven number. One point is awarded to non-finishers. The best seven results count towards the championship. 90 Overall points and 98 Class points will be awarded to registered drivers when acting as senior event officials (Secretary or CoC.).


Competitors must finish a minimum of 50% of the Championship rounds to qualify for an annual award.

Class points are kept as a separate running total. 100 points being awarded to the class winner,  99 to the second etc. The best seven sets of points count towards the championship. Eighteen trophies are presented annually by a sponsor to the first and second in each class, the overall winner is included in these awards. The Championship was previously known as the Gatton Manor Championship and this trophy is still held by the overall winner for the duration of the next season. This trophy is kept as an historical record of previous Championship winners and is returned every year.

A further award is the Stella Tigwell Memorial Trophy, which is presented annually to the best performing newcomer to the safari register.