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Championship General Regulations


These are the General regulations that apply to all AWDC Competitive Safari events.

General Championship Regulations


Event Supplementary Regulations.

These are the Supplementary Regulations, modified for each event and posted in the event calendar entry for each round.

Event Supplementary Regulations


Technical Regulations

These are the main AWDC Technical regulations the apply to all competing vehicles. All vehicles competing must comply with Motorsport UK Technical Regulations for off road vehicles Section (P) Competitors Safety (K) Competitors Vehicles (J) and the Technical Regulations of the All Wheel Drive Club.  Each vehicle must have a scrutineering log book. These will be available at to scrutineering. All vehicles must be presented for scrutineering in a clean condition.

All Classes Technical Regulations


Production class Regulations

These apply to classes 1 and 2, and Freelander Trophy entrants.

Production Classes Regulations



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