AWDC News Item October 2017

50th Anniversary Planning Continues!

Background to planning

Clearly the major events of the past cannot easily be replicated. As a part of our discussions, the main committee have commented that in terms of size and commitment, we should Keep it Simple, to avoid it also becoming a major resource requirement, which is something we are acutely tuned to at present. We would like to hold trials and a speed event, a fun event and a social evening on the Saturday afternoon/evening.


Seen as the starting block, we have discussed and investigated a number of sites. The aim is to select a camping-friendly site, that the social side can form a good part of the event, and in line with previous anniversaries. Two of the investigated sites have unfortunately had to be dismissed. Mansell Lacy was a keen choice for obvious reasons, but the environmental concerns preclude out desire to run a speed event at this location. We looked at Goodwood as a prestigious location, unfortunately the cost is beyond our means. Currently we are examining Minehead as a possibility, having a friendly land owner is a bonus not to be underestimated.


We are now getting to the stage where we need more assistance, even if only to validate the direction of the event, and input suggestions. Volunteers are required to join the team; there is no need to attend meetings, most of this is to be done via phone/mail etc. Please let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can help, or just let any of the committee know you are interested.