Can you & 3 mates build a vehicle for a Sky 1 Show?

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Can you & 3 mates build a vehicle for a Sky 1 Show?

Post by Hesketh Emden » Thu May 12, 2011 10:59 pm

Can you & 3 mates build a vehicle for a Sky 1 Show?

Can you assist with a new show being made for Sky 1 - it's an engineering based show which will require teams of 4 to build vehicles from scratch in order to race them across difficult / challenging terrains - all against another team.

Have you 3 mates and some brains and engineering skills and some time? If so, read on and get back to me really fast!

· Each episode will present a different challenge for 2 teams of 4. It could be racing amphibious vehicles on sand and sea, or it could be to build a moving trebuchet to hit targets across a moat.

· 3 weeks before challenge day, we contact the teams with their brief and deposit £1,000 into the team captains bank account.

· You will then source your own part and materials. You’re also welcome to use any bits and bobs you have!

· The day before the challenge, we’ll send a flat bed truck to pick up your part and take them to build location.

· Upon arrival at build location, you then have 72 hours (although in TV land as you know, this is more likely to be 16 hours!) to assemble your build. We provide you with all the tools and machinery you will need.

· On race day, the team that gets around the course we’ve set in the fastest time, gets the chance to reach the safe, crack the code and win the cash inside! But can you get there on time?!

Here are the filming dates we need the teams to be available for and we've added the briefing dates.

Filming: Monday 13th June- Friday 17th June
Briefing: 23rd May

Filming: Monday 27th June- Friday 1st July
Briefing: 6th June

Filming: Monday 4th July- Friday 8th July
Briefing: 13th June

Filming: Monday 11th July- Friday 15th July
Briefing: 20th June

Regards, Hesketh
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