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King of the Valleys

Post by weebroon » Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:02 pm

Hi all

Neil has approached me to put a small stage up (well small for me) for the KOV event at the end of July. It is for the awards ceremony on Sunday evening and a bit of entertainment for the masses (soon to be announced) on the Saturday night.

I am supplying the stage and my expertise for nothing and have already recruited a few riggers ''gratis'' to help me erect it.

I need a few favours for the weekend if anyone is interested.

1: I have got a towable 63a 3 phase generator for stage power onsite but this genny needs to be collected and delivered back to Guildford..........anyone down that way who is coming along and could help tow as I will be bringing the stage from south London in a 7.5 tonner and they don't do tow balls!

2: The stage will need to be anchored down for the weekend to avoid being blown over. This will normally be done with ballast or ground anchors coming out at aproximately 45 degrees from each top corner. I thought it would be a nice touch to have a tow truck parked up on each corner instead as ballast....but you will not be able to move your tow truck for as long as the stage is up (but we could do a quick anchor transfer if needed).....but they will be lit and become part of the show, so get your advertising stickers on.

3: As this is on a budget, could as many people as possible just bring one gallon of Deisel to help fuel the generator as if the lighting rig and sound system gets turned up to 11 (inevitable) the genny will roar and drink more fuel than a 3.9 at full chat.

4: I will have to travel Friday evening and start rigging on early Saturday morning. Many hands make light work so anyone who fancies a bit of miniature rock n roll lifestyle and wants to get their hands dirty would be more than welcome, no experience needed....well having said that, without help it will not happen!

That’s all for now but as with all productions.......everything changes until the curtain opens!!!

Nick Brown
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