Fire Extinguishers latest update TRIALS & SAFARI

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Fire Extinguishers latest update TRIALS & SAFARI

Post by Vic PALMER » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:43 pm

Hi All
The MSA have changed the regulation concerning servicing of fire extinguishers used in vehicles in motorsport. They have made a mistake in the date that the new regs will start, first they told us it was Jan 2019 now it is Jan 2018 . All hand held fire ext used in motor sport will have to be tested every 2 years and have a label showing this.At the moment NO ONE will be stopped from competing as long as the gauge shows it is ok , just get it serviced as soon as you can (notified from the MSA to scrutineers ). Local fire ext service firms can be used for servicing hand held fire extinguishers
Please note under the new regs the minimum size of handheld AFFF extinguishers will be increased from 1.75 Ltrs to 2.4 Ltrs Existing vehicles competing prior to 1st January 2019 will be ok until 1st January 2022. New build vehicles will have to comply from 1st January 2019
3.2.3. Minimum quantity of extinguishant: • AFFF 2.4 litres • FireSense 2.4 litres • FX G‐TEC 2.0 kg • Viro3 2.0 kg • Zero 360 2.0 kg • Extreme 2.0 kg • Powder 2.0 kg

If you use your vehicle for other events that require a plumb in system that is FIA/MSA homologated you must get it serviced by the manufactures or their agent so the homologation is not affected .
Please contact me if you have any queries

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